Forty Six and Two is a casual guild with a focus on end game raiding. We are casual due to commitments that members have in their lives that may cause conflicts with raid times. We will have set raid schedules but thanks to flexible raiding we will be able to raid with a core and add members to the raid if they can make it.

We do expect that raiders take the time to learn their class so that they may succeed in raids; we are not in the business of carrying people, we expect you to pull your weight. To us, raids are more fun when we are able to work together as a guild and down a boss.

Our raid rules are that main spec loot is priority over off spec loot. When you roll on and win an item you fall behind someone who hasn't gotten an item that night. Basically we make sure that loot gets distributed fairly evenly and no one hogs all the loot. Everyone likes getting epics as a reward for a boss kill.

Right now we are recruiting any dps, healers or tanks regardless of class. We would rather have raiders that understand their class rather than forcing them to play a class they don't want to. Even if you don't plan on raiding, we still are looking to grow the guild to add more good players.

Most of our members are 21 years or older, so that tends to lead to a more mature environment in the guild. We expect that you can take a joke, even with a bit of dark humor, as that is the sense of humor that some members possess. We are a tight knit guild that know a lot of each other in real life, with some members even being couples so the guild has a pretty strong foundation.

In non-raid times some members are usually always on, and we do other activites from running dungeons, to pvp, to older raids (sometimes even drunken raids for laughs), etc. This is a game and we have fun with each other.

If you have any questions about the guild in general, you can contact Onibocho (Guild Leader) or Mahoutsukai (Officer) in game. If you have questions about the plans for raidings, Mizahri and Malignus (both Officers) are the ones to speak to in game. Please contact us to learn more about the guild.